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Checklist: The CV checklist

cv checklist
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Your CV has a single purpose and that is to say: “We want to speak to that person!” Ask selectors how they initially read CVs and they usually say: “I read a lot of them, 9 seconds at most.”


Especially for you, my updated tips for your CV on 1 A4: you can download it for free! The best, perfect or winning resume is the one that gets you to the job interview table. Remember that you are unique in the solution that you are in your labor market, so do what works for you.

Create your resume together

My experience shows that if you create your CV on your own, or just have your CV ‘checked’, you will not achieve thirty percent of the results. That’s because you consider what you do in your work to be very normal. You are ‘unconsciously competent’ in your profession. As a result, it simply does not appear on your CV. If you create your CV together with a work-finding buddy or coach, you become ‘consciously competent’, also on your CV, and that can ensure that they’ll say in 9 seconds: “I want to speak to that person!”

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